Living with intention. What exactly does it mean to ‘live with intention’? I know as far as I am concerned, it is easy for me to slip into a habit of  just ‘getting through this day, so I can get to x’. Settling into that frame of mind is easy, but for me an unacceptable way to use the time I’ve been given on this earth. I am constantly reminding myself to find meaning and purpose in the most seemingly mundane tasks. I am fortunate that I have a job that I enjoy. I work closely with the animals that I love dearly and the people that love them. It is a privilege and honor to spend my days caring for them, nursing them back to health, and providing comfort to the pet parents I meet. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to live for. Yet, I still find myself slipping into that same old mindset of, ‘just getting through it.’ Why do we as human beings do that? We miss out on so much when we are ‘just getting through’ or ‘living for the weekend’. There is so much more to this life than the weekend. So many little moments between weekends that make life incredible.



Living with intention starts with a decision, a decision to live this life, making the most of each and every breath we’ve been given. Live with the knowledge that we are closer and closer to death with each breath we draw, always in the forefront of our minds. Living with intention starts with asking yourself, ‘what am I doing with my time here on this earth?‘ I have committed myself to waking up every morning thankful for a new sunrise, thankful for a new chance. I as a human being, inevitably fall, backslide and mess it up, but I am trying. I am striving to really live this life, each and every moment with purpose. There is purpose and meaning in each load of laundry, each meal prepared, each bathroom scrubbed. There is purpose in Monday mornings. There is purpose all around us if we have the wisdom to see it. I am so thankful for this life, so thankful for my time here on earth. Thankful I have been given this race to run.

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