# Montana 2015 Part One

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t dream of visiting (and moving to)the great state of Montana. I can’t recall when I fell in love with photographs of breathtaking mountain ranges capped in powdery snow. I don’t remember a definitive moment when I my heart first began to race at the sight of the unstoppable rush of crystal, blue rivers. Photographs of open valleys, green in the summer, bursts of yellow, orange and brown in the autumn have always brought me joy. I can’t explain the feeling easily, but surely I’m not alone. Montana – wild, harsh, winding, open, extreme. I am certain my human mind can’t begin to imagine the glories of heaven, but when I try, Montana is what I see. I’ve never seen a place in photograph or person that compares.

My husband and I travelled to Montana in October 2015 for our wedding anniversary. I visited my favorite place on earth in my favorite month. What a dream come true!


Montana -Glacier National Park

We flew into Spokane and spent our first day driving through Eastern Washington (gorgeous!), Northern Idaho (stunning!) and eventually to Libby, Montana. My husband lived in Libby for 6 months many years ago with a previous job (completely jealous), so he was familiar with the area. Driving towards Montana I was like a child on Christmas Eve. I waited 30 long years to see my heaven on earth. My husband chuckled frequently at my constant photo taking. I’ve seen my share of “mountains” back east, in California as well as Nevada, but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the Montana mountain ranges. Nothing. I found myself thinking, ‘is this even real’ often.

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Montana – FINALLY!

As you can see above, this photograph was taken just 14 miles from Troy. Troy is roughly 60 miles southeast by way of car from the Canadian border. Libby is a small, logging town located 12 miles east of Kootenai Falls, MT.

Libby was full of charm, excellent food and adorable coffee shops. Speaking of coffee sheds, they’re everywhere in Montana! I lost count of the number of shops we saw. They were scattered throughout NW Montana, but my absolute favorite was Hav-A-Java in Libby, MT. Their chai tea latte was incredible. Sit down, Starbucks because you have nothing on the handcrafted, small town taste of Hav-A-Java. The service was as enjoyable as the coffee.





Coffee wasn’t the only area Libby excelled. The food, OH THE FOOD! We stayed at the Venture Motor Inn our first night in Montana. Their restaurant was surprisingly delicious. Our first night we were so hungry, we probably would have eaten anything, but the steak dinner was exceptional. As delicious as the steak was, their breakfast was the star of the culinary show. It is difficult to pick an actual favorite meal we had during our time in Montana, but if I absolutely had to, it would be the breakfast we had at the Venture Motor Inn.

Venture Motor Inn

Venture Motor Inn – Coffee to start the day!

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Venture Motor Inn – What a jewel!


Check back often for Part Two of our Montana adventure!

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