Wow. Who’s the biggest blogging slacker in the history of bloggers? ::Raises hand:: Sorry y’all. How have I been over the last SIX MONTHS you ask? Life is great, I really can’t complain. I have been a busy little bee, working hard and finding new artistic loves. Ceramics have taken over my free time. I find myself daydreaming about my wheel. I am obsessed with glazes and mud tools. I physically miss the feel of clay under my hands during the day. What can I say? I’m addicted to this new love of mine, ceramics. Our city has a wonderful art resource for all ages and levels of expertise. One of the many classes they offer is beginning ceramics. I enrolled just after the first of the year and have been in love ever since. I had a rough start, lots of lumpy, goofy pots, but I’ve loved it from my first class. I had the privilege of taking group pottery lessons with my cousins and siblings as a small child from the legendary, D.X. Gordy. I remember being fascinated by all that is ceramics even as a small child, but like with most things in life, life just got in the way of my pursuit of it over the years. I took 12 weeks of classes in a group setting and have taken off with it. I am by no means an expert in any capacity, but I am improving and learning every day. I’m making pieces these days that are useful and beautiful and that I’m proud of. It is an incredible feeling to sip a hot cup of coffee from a mug you created from a ball of clay. It is such a rewarding passion, pottery. I purchased my very own wheel a few months back and have enjoyed practicing at home, when I can’t make it to the studio. I’ve come a long, LOOOOONG way since that first night in class in the studio and I still have SO MUCH to learn. I am excited and thankful to have stumbled into this new passion of mine.


Life outside of the studio is wonderful as well. My wonderful husband just added a HUGE deck off of the back of our house. I know we will enjoy having the added space and the entertaining opportunities more space brings. I foresee myself spending many an evening reading out under the stars on our new deck. The business is so busy. SO. BUSY. We are incredibly thankful to be busy, but it can be a bit exhausting keeping up with everything. I am a proud sister, as my “little” brother will be graduating from the police academy in just a couple of weeks. He has been one of my closest friends, my confidant & my partner in crime since infancy and I couldn’t be prouder of him. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this exciting season of his life. He’s an incredible person and I am thankful he has found something he will enjoy making a living at. My sister gave birth to her fourth little one the end of April. My newest niece is precious and a joy to know. Life is great. We’ve recently returned from visiting family on my husband’s side of the family. Our nephew on his side just turned one and is absolutely precious. We had a great few days of seeing his mom, stepdad, two sisters and their families. We are blessed with great families on both sides. All of the furry kids are well, thankfully and adorable as usual. Stay tuned for updated biographies of our little ‘furry family’. I know, I know, I always say that. I promise, I am typing it as soon as I finish here. :)

Well, I need to go switch the laundry and get ready for a brand new week. I am thankful for a new week, a new chance to get it right, make it count. Until next time, y’all.

Wow! And the world’s biggest blogger slacker award goes to none other than muah. So much has been going on that have contributed to my lengthy absence. All is well in the household. Furry kids are still adorable and healthy.

I finished my hutch! I have listed it on Craigslist, but no buyers yet. Tell me what you think.






I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I was going for the antique, farm house-chic look. I hope it goes to a home that will appreciate it.

Hello blog world!

I’ve been looking forward to getting this blog up and running for some time now. Tonight is the night! I do have a fun project to share with you in just a bit, but it seems appropriate for me to introduce myself. My name is Kelly. I’ve blogged/design websites as a passionate hobby since I was 12 years old (I’m currently 28)! I am a wife to a wonderful man, named Nate. We share our home with three dogs (Levi, an devoted and loving Australian Shepherd, Red, a big cuddle bug of a black lab and Reese, a bouncy, goofy, but loving chocolate lab puppy), three cats (Hemi, a gray and white polydactyl angel that was rescued after his first owner passed away, Gutter, a large, talkative, food obsessed rescue that I sometimes refer to as my grump-a-saurus, Pixel, a black, polydactyl angel that was found wandering alone in the country. Due to a weird incident, Pixel lost her left front leg as a kitten, but doesn’t let it slow her down. She rules the roost and can outrun both of her cat brothers. Sushi rounds out our pack of cats. Sushi is a special girl. She too was a rescued stray. She was found dumped in the woods by our neighbor at about three weeks of age. Sushi was born with a few birth defects, a few extra toes and doesn’t see the greatest, but she doesn’t let it slow her down. She’s a loving little angel). An African Grey Parrot named, Aries rounds out our household. Aries is about four years old, has an impressive vocabulary and makes us laugh everyday. She can mimic just about anything she hears. She is madly in love with my husband.

I am a follower of Christ, an animal lover/advocate, daughter, sister to three brothers and two sisters, Aunt Kelly to five nieces and three nephews, coffee addict, avid reader, lover of the outdoors and completely obsessed with all things crafty and colorful. I’ve recently gotten interested in furniture rehabilitation. My interests are varied, random and at times a little well, weird, but that’s me. I hope you’ll enjoy this place and have fun reading about my crazy, beautiful life.


Like I said earlier, I’ve recently gotten interest in furniture rehabilitation. I am currently right in the middle of my first real project. I am anxious to see how it turns out. The piece I’m working with is an antique china hutch that actually came from Belgium. It was given to me from a friend that was doing some fall cleaning. There are a bunch of great details that add to its character. I am excited about this!
I’ve been working with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, which is really, really cool. This is my first time using it and I have to say it exceed my expectations. You can find out more about Miss Mustard Seed and her fabulous paint on her website :

A couple of “before” shots:


I just these lock and keyholes! They add such character to this piece.


And my work so far:




I am using the color, “Grain Sack” and plan to give it an antique look with Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax. More pictures to come soon!

Until next time,


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