Anyone who knows me, knows that I am hopeless coffee addict. Seriously, I love it. I need it. Coffee owns me. I tend to drink it at inappropriate times such as late at night, which leads to insomnia, which leads to crankiness – not good. To substitute and distract myself from coffee in the evenings, I’ve recently taken to drinking to caffeine-free tea. I particularly fond of Bengal Spice tea in the Celestial Seasonings brand. It’s a perfect blend of cinnamon and clover-ish goodness. I take it wit a spot oh milk – yes, I said that in my best British accent. I just love British accents. HAHA Any who, so yea tea rocks. End of story. I mean it’s not coffee or anything, but it gets me through the evenings. 😉

Is anyone on GoodReads.com? I am obsessed. For those of you that have yet to discover it, Good Reads is a website where you can rate and review books you’re reading or have read. You can also add books to a virtual “want to read” list. I love being able to read other book enthusiast’s reviews and on books I’m considering to read. I like being able to save books I want to read in the future. Another great feature of Good Reads is being able to “follow” your favorite authors. I love following my favorite author’s blog posts and see what they’re reading and reviewing. Best part about GoodReads? It’s completely free. Seriously, GoodReads is great, you should check it out. If you’re a member or you decide to check it out, find me HERE.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Have a lovely rest of the week. Go drink some tea! Join GoodReads.com!

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